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Megan Munro

Graphic Designer

With 6 years of experience, Megan combines skills in corporate ID, advertising and web design with an intuitive design aesthetic and an impressive work ethic. Her passion for Graphic Design is unbridled, and each project is completed as a labour for love. She appreciates clean, simplistic and innovative work and strongly believes in the “less is more” motto.

Even when not working, Megan can still be found glued to her computer creating personal projects – she has a love for strong typography and bold colours. Off screen, she is spending time with family, coveting cacti, and watching re-runs of “The Office” on Netflix with a good glass of wine.

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Currently binge watching:

Black Mirror

Loves To

Explore & travel different parts of the world, DIY anything and everything, attempt to bake pinterest-worthy baked-goods.

Best At

Problem-solving, multi-tasking and being dependable