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Leaders in Cannabis

We’ve developed and grown companies, brands and products in the US and Canada wellness and recreational markets over the past four years. Providing support across our entire service spectrum, we’ve worked with 19 brands with portfolios containing hundreds of products and global reach:

Executive Support

  1. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for several cannabis companies (now public), involving consumer package goods (CPGs) in both recreational and wellness markets.
  2. Advisory Board Member for several cannabis CPG companies within the US and Canadian markets.
  3. Executive leadership for companies involved in cannabis, tech, big data, retail, nursery, cultivation, extraction and distribution.
  4. Corporate development including strategic planning, prospectus writing, partner meetings, media pitches
  5. IPO support for two (now) public companies listed on 5 exchanges
  6. Brands featured in ELLE, Vogue, Vanity Fair and dozens of other global business, industry and investment publications
  7. Acquisition support for portfolio of 8 brands + 45 products with +25M social network: Loki Naturals, Hart Luck, King Louie, Sketchy Tank, Junk Yard, Toy
    Machine, OnSomeShit, Thorn Brewing
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Branding & Marketing Support

  1. Brand development for new cannabis brands including: market positioning, target audience, messaging, story-telling platform, visual identity designs.
  2. Brand strategy and launch of 15 cannabis brands
  3. Marketing plans for multiple brands covering dozens of products
  4. Name creation & trademarks for 11 new brands/products for retail, products, companies
  5. US launch and international presentation of 8 brands, 45 CPGS
  6. Social media & email campaign management
  7. Investor relations support for campaign strategy, design, launch
  8. Mystery shop of California retail outlets
  9. Review of (thousands of) cannabis packaging designs and containers to determine unique positioning and solutions for new consumer brands.
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Design & Content Creation

  1. Design and copy for hundreds of brand visuals, communication tools and marketing collateral: Logos, icons, packaging, websites, corporate presentations, Investor Relations materials, Advertising campaign materials, videos, social media content, infographics, launch / promo materials, retail displays
  2. Design, copy, layout of several corporate cannabis pitch decks for investment, and several for public company audiences: consumers, institutional and retail investors
  3. Packaging design and sourcing for 12+ products
  4. Website design and development for multiple companies, brands, products
  5. Creation of ongoing social media content, unique designs
  6. Promotional videos
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Whether you’re a start-up or established cannabis company, private or public, medical or recreational, we’re here to help capitalize on this fast-evolving industry. Arrange a coffee or call with us to grow your brand today.

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