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Business Masterpiece

You’re only one step away from making it happen

Your business is your baby. Your pride and joy. However, without the right frame, strategic angle, audience, visuals or promotion, even masterpieces can fall flat.

We’re skilled at checking out businesses ‘head to toe’ to quickly figure out where strategic, creative or operational make-overs are needed. We’ll uncover the unseen issues and opportunities and apply a strategic and creative lens to tackle your next big win.

Freshen Up

Does your visual brand feel stuck in the 90’s? Do you feel disconnected from the vision or direction for your company? Do the words ‘elevator pitch’ sound foreign? Do you need structure and process to become more effective and efficient? If so, let’s talk.

Grow Up

Is your business on fire and ready for more gasoline? Are you ready to introduce new products or channels to your business? Do you want to start collaborating more officially with bigger partners? We’ve got you.

Speak Up

Do you have something exciting, unique or thought-leading you’re dying to introduce to the market? Do you love the idea of more regular and strategic campaigns, promotions or partner features? Are you in need of a targeted pitch deck to share with potential partners? Let us help tell your story.

Smarten Up

Are you hungry to learn a more advanced area of business, or access more actionable insights for your company? Do you want to geek out with us over ROI, forecasting, data analytics, customer profiles, personalized tactics and other innovative techniques that can next-level your growth? Let’s roll up the sleeves and dive in.


Strategic Growth Planning
Business Modeling
Retail Activation
Franchise Support
Operational Systems and Processes
Technology Platforms: Effective/Efficiency Solutions
Budgeting / Forecasting
Investor Relations Support
Human Resourcing: Staffing Models
Goal Setting and Results Tracking


Research: Competitor & Customer Insights
Campaign & Promotions Planning
Product Marketing
CRM & Trigger Marketing
Marketing Strategy & Annual Planning
Media Planning
Graphic Design
Event Planning
Digital / Online / Social Planning & Execution
Project Execution
Record Breaking Results


Strategy, Planning, Execution
Visual Identity Design: Logos, Icons
Website: Design & Development
Corporate Collateral: Presentations, Infographics, MailChimp
Sales & Retail Materials: Lookbooks, Promo + POS Materials
Packaging Design: Concepts, Die-Lines
Value Proposition Creation
Brand Story Development
Campaign & Communications Materials
Company Assessments / Audits


Better Than One

Tap into the magic of strategic and creative collaboration.

Businesses are as unique as the people who run them, and after looking at the same thing day-after-day, fresh perspective can make a world of difference. Sometimes there are also specific, specialty services that are best left ‘out of house’ – which is where we fit in.

Whether you require help with business planning, a new brand, product packaging or corporate collateral to support your upcoming IPO, we’re here to help.

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A Team of Unicorns

While marketing strategy, brand creativity and technical savvy are the heart of our business offering, it’s the Five Senses core values that have the biggest impact on client growth: Curious, Collaborative, Trail Blazing.

Owner & Chief Strategist, Jodie Carlisle, strongly believes “It’s our job to get curious and knowlegable about our clients industries and customers, and to bring those outside perspectives to our clients in a way that educates and pushes them to be better than before they met us. To then reframe the company, brand or product around that customer in a way that looks and resonates better than anyone else in the market – that’s when we know we’ve done our jobs.”

Meet The Team

Jodie is a highly skilled marketing professional that is extremely well rounded. I worked with Jodie on all things brand, strategy, digital and product development. Jodie has a wealth of experience that certainly had a positive impact on our business and really created a solid direction for the brand. I would recommend Jodie and her team at Five Senses Branding to anyone that needs to excel in their marketing and brand development.

FiveSenses Branding has been an incredible asset to our company since day one. I contacted Jodie when opportunities were being presented to us as a small business that seemed exciting but extremely overwhelming. We were nervous that we were going to have to pass on these; however, Jodie and her team provided timely solutions for each and every challenge and opportunity. In an extreme time of growth they made those pains not only a great learning experience but an enjoyable one. The network that Jodie has access to is invaluable and I believe that our business will continue to grow and find daily efficiencies as a result. The only regret that we have is not hiring them sooner and I would recommend FiveSenses to any business in any stage that they find themselves.

If you're looking to rebuild your brand, Five Senses Branding is it! Jodie is amazing to work with, very professional and strategic, and communicates her vision for your brand in vivid and engaging detail. Don't think twice about hiring this team – you and your brand won't regret it!

FiveSenses Branding stand out as extremely talented and insightful brand consultants. I worked closely with Jodie to develop a refreshed approach to our company and brand in order to stand out in the Western Canadian marketplace. We met on multiple occasions to dive deeper into our value proposition and how we saw our company growing in the future. They took into account all points that were provided and created a detailed and cohesive brand strategy that is powerfully locally and scalable globally. Any business looking to grow their brand and gain market share would highly benefit from FiveSenses expertise.

Five Senses Branding have been amazing to work with. I love when they put something to action! Great communicators, energy and top notch service! 5/5*