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We’re here to bring creative traction to strategic ideas. Let’s get acquainted.

Located in Vancouver, BC, Five Senses Branding is your resource for business traction and transformation: business planning, brand development, tech evolution, marketing strategy, investor communications and operational alignment.

We bring solutions to identified issues, and fuel to unrealized opportunities. Our work across the globe has resulted in a diverse and powerful portfolio covering B2B and B2C projects in both public and private sectors:

  • Fintech, Healthtech, Biotech, (Bio)Pharma, Big Data
  • Clean Energy, Mining & Exploration
  • Health & Wellness, Alternative Medicine, Cannabis
  • Consumer Packaged Goods, E-Comm, Retail, Franchise

Building value from the ground up is our jam. We can fill a senior leadership gap, build you a killer brand, help you go public, or design and take your newest product to market. Reach out for a chat and let’s get started!

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Jodie Carlisle
Jodie Carlisle, Principal & Head Strategist


Founder of Five Senses Branding and 27-year businesswoman, Jodie Carlisle, shares, “I am a creative and strategic entrepreneur at heart, so I connect with my clients on a professional and personal level. I was hosting clothing sales at age 8, rewriting Velveeta cheese commercials at 10 and carrying a briefcase to my first marketing job at 17. I understand the hustle, creativity, smarts and flexibility needed to run a company, and I thrive in collaborating with other leaders to gain success and traction on their own visions.”

As our Lead Strategist, I’m extremely hands on and love putting my senses to work for each and every client:

  • Listening for goals, opportunities and roadblocks
  • Envisioning custom and strategic paths to success
  • Sniffing out competition and customers to learn all angles
  • Hands-on activating of plans and collateral we’ve designed
  • Tasting and celebrating our collaborative sweet successes

This is what fuels Five Senses Branding. Ready to pour some gas on your business? Let’s connect.

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