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Following an in-depth scoping session with management to better understand their vision and objectives, Five Senses Branding proposed and implemented a number of strategic solutions:

  1. Rebranded the company with a customer-centric approach
  2. Focused on the personalized nature and flexibility of the product to build a new tagline and brand story
  3. Created quarterly lifestyle campaign concepts tying people, product and spaces together: ‘Modern Faces For All Life’s Spaces’
  4. Created a targeted marketing strategy and three target audience profiles, growing the business reach significantly
  5. Introduced new business channels, increasing product relevance for new markets
  6. Leveraged the budget by maximizing earned, owned, paid and shared assets and networks to take the new brand to the market
  7. Brought the beauty of the product to the forefront of all touch-points including new ‘show me’ product packaging
  8. Focus on community engagement, user generated content, social sharing and contests to extend reach for the new brand
  9. Leveraged influencer audiences for increased rebrand awareness
  10. Rebuilt the Shopify e-comm website for a more streamlined customer shopping experience
  11. Developed an informed customer lifecycle journey and resulting email and SMS program to move people through the sales cycle
  12. Launched the brand and new Fall product line at the industry’s largest trade event, IDS West – with record-breaking sales and engagement
  13. Continued to build the brand in market with a diverse, lifestyle focused marketing and ad strategy, driving 7.45 MER annually – a very strong return for a crowded marketplace in a challenging economy.


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Campaign Concept, Campaign Design, Community Outreach, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG’s), Influencer/Ambassador Program, Marketing Strategy, New Brand Identity, New Business Model / Channels, Packaging Design, Product Design, Rebrand, Removeable Wall Decals, Social Media/ Digital Marketing Plan, Strategic Partnership Agreements., Target Audience, Visual Identity