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Urban Juve

When this start-up company approached us for support with their newly concepted line of Cannabis infused health and wellness products, we knew we were in for a fantastic collaboration.

Inspired by Ayurveda and with plans for growth into International markets, this line of products was perfectly suited for our strategic and creative input:

  1. Development of a business and brand model
  2. Target audience and market research
  3. Psychographic customer profiling
  4. Creation of a new name, logo, visual identity and brand story
  5. Design of unique icons and symbols
  6. Modernization of old-world brand values to connect with younger audience needs
  7. Creation of a new marketecture and targeted content strategy
  8. Creation of customer-centric marketing tools and corporate collateral
  9. Concepts, container sourcing and final designs for 12 new products (packaging)
  10. Ideation for trade events, promotional items and customer engagement
  11. Creation of a highly integrated and strategic go-to-market plan and budget
  12. Support for retail launch and e-commerce planning


In the final phases of development, we can’t wait to see this brand hit the market in late 2018. To get your hands on these amazing products, be sure to check out urbanjuve.com and yieldgrowth.com for more details.


Brand & Marketing Strategy, Business Model, CMO Consulting, Go-to-Market Plan, Market Research, Name & Logo, New Brand & Visual Identity Design, Packaging Design