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Next Green Wave IR Deck

Next Green Wave

With their sights set on becoming the #1 premium cannabis consumer goods company in California, Next Green Wave – cultivating legacy cannabis consumer products – partnered with Five Senses Branding for a brand refresh worthy of their fast-growing company which has a (sub-brand) social reach of +25 M:

  1. Refreshed logo
  2. New visual identity
  3. Updated social media visuals and content direction
  4. Corporate presentations
  5. Corporate collateral
  6. Mailchimp template updates
  7. Website

This new website now provides Next Green Wave’s cannabis community and investors with an in-depth look at their recently acquired cannabis brand portfolio, 35,000 sq ft production facility, fully-integrated seed-to-consumer business model and some very impressive partnerships with global tech and cannabis leaders.

Follow us on Instagram @fivesensesbranding and @nextgreenwave for the ongoing launches of NGW’s 45 THC & CBD cannabis products into the state of California.

To refresh or kick-start your brand, connect with us at [email protected]!


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