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Defence Therapeutics

In an effort to further build out their biotechnology company and take it public, Defence Therapeutics came to Five Senses Branding to develop a brand strategy and platform, visual identity and marketing communications materials for biopharmaceutical projects aimed at a global institutional and retail investor audience.

Deliverables included:
  1. Market research and strategy for building solid value and points of differentiation for each of the company’s proprietary innovations
  2. Umbrella and sub-brand platform with clear stories and value propositions for their proven and patented technology platform, and vaccine development work underway.
  3. Visual identity including primary and sub-brand logo designs, colour palette, imagery style, icon set and illustrations.
  4. Technical copywriting for a global audience for marketing communications / Investor Relations materials
  5. New website design and development (bi-lingual)
  6. Corporate presentation deck (English/German).


For more on Defence Therapeutics, visit defencetherapeutics.com or the exchanges under ticker: CSE:DTC, FSE:DTC, USOTC: DTCFF.


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