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Brix & Mortar

Previously operating under two separate brands and models (Brix and George), this management team hired Five Senses to create a more streamlined business and branding model:

Our approach consisted of:

  • Aligning what was previously two restaurants – name, brand, space, customer experience, business model
  • Crafting a new name “Brix & Mortar”, building on the brand equity of the upper dining/event space (previously known as Brix), while also playing into the  historical Yaletown brick & mortar venue
  • Designing a modern, sophisticated, and approachable visual identity representing the management vision of a thoughtful and approachable place for locals
  • Breathing a human element into the space and the way the food is communicated including hand selected and brandished menus, etc.
  • Creatively directing a custom photo shoot to bring the thoughtfully curated menu to life
  • Creating a modern yet simple website to showcase the constantly changing menus, entertainment and event details
  • Aligning the previously separate social accounts and promotional strategies
  • Creating a launch campaign tying into the Dine Around annual event
  • Supporting the rebrand with a Public Relations campaign involving media dinners and special cocktail releases and menu features

The result of this rebrand was an overall increase in key metrics:

  • 40% lift in Net Revenue
  • 75% lift in ‘At Capacity’ and ‘Sell Out’ bookings
  • 70% increase in Social Media Engagement
  • 38 published reviews of the restaurant
  • 2,498,466 impressions made via press releases

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