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Next Green Wave

With their sights set on becoming the #1 premium cannabis consumer goods company in California, Next Green Wave – cultivating legacy cannabis consumer products – partnered with Five Senses Branding for a brand refresh worthy of their fast-growing company which has a (sub-brand) social reach of +25 M:

  • Refreshed logo
  • New visual identity
  • Updated social media visuals and content direction
  • Corporate presentations
  • Corporate collateral
  • Mailchimp template updates
  • Website

This new website now provides Next Green Wave’s cannabis community and investors with an in-depth look at their recently acquired cannabis brand portfolio, 35,000 sq ft production facility, fully-integrated seed-to-consumer business model and some very impressive partnerships with global tech and cannabis leaders.

Follow us on Instagram @fivesensesbranding and @nextgreenwave for the ongoing launches of NGW’s 45 THC & CBD cannabis products into the state of California.

To refresh or kick-start your brand, connect with us at hello@fivesensensesbranding.ca!